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“After having two online sales, we are convinced that selling online is the future of livestock marketing! In the long run, this is the best way to sell as marketing expense is low while we are able to reach more, new customers. In our last online sale, the top selling Red Angus bull, the 2nd high selling Angus bull plus other bulls sold to new LCOC buyers. The exposure was great as 2693 individual viewers accessed it and the offering sold into 17 states! This unique format permits buyers to preview the sale lots, study their data and then bid without pressure. We have since scheduled three more online sales for 2012."
Lee Leachman - Leachman Cattle of Colorado

“Focus Genetics has worked with Sale Day for the past three years, using their platform to sell both yearling and rrising 2 year old bulls.  The front end of the systems works very well, with the key selling point for us and our clients being the Big Board, where everyone can keep track of the latest bids and where each lot is at.  In the back end, the ability to approve bidders, and for them to maintain their own data, and use the same log-ins from sale to sale provides a seamless customer experience.  Setting up the sale is a breeze, with Dan and the team very approachable, and generally able to make changes that meet our requirements.  If you are thinking of selling animals online, I would recommend you consider Sale Day Global as your online auction platform.”
Gavin Foulsham, CEO, Focus Genetics

  "Selling horses this way has been an extremely positive experience.  We had registered bidders from 20 states and a ton of viewers watching our recent online sale.  This kind of exposure was impressive!

The bidders and buyers really liked the format including the 'Big Board' so they could keep track of the entire sale in one place.  Lots of good comments on Sale Day GLOBAL’s performance and the staff have been great to work with. We are already planning our next sale with Sale Day GLOBAL. 

Thank you to everyone for such a great sale!"
The Schafers

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